I used to love “Ten Things” lists. It was the perfect filler piece whenever I needed to add space in a paper. And people love lists – just look a Buzzfeed. I used to do them a bunch but I haven’t lately (aside from my memorial day satire). So I’m a little excited about writing one for this prompt.

I graduate college this year and I think the most appropriate list for me to write would be about what I want to do after I get that overpriced piece of paper.

  1. Get drunk in Paris

    I’ve written about where I want to go to graduate school multiple times and this is one of the things I can not wait to do. I have this pretentious fantasy of being a writer in Paris and doing the whole drunk writer thing would be fun. Really fun, actually.

  2. Drive to Chicago to get copius bottle of Blood of the Unicorn.

    One of my favorite (top five) movies is The Blues Brothers. Since I have been 12 all I have wanted to do is drive around Chicago wearing the same suit and go to little blues clubs. The Blood of the Unicorn is a beer my dad and I ordered from a brewery in the city. They don’t sell it where I live and I really want one again. Along the way I will stop for White Castle – just had to throw that in there.

  3. Not have a metaphysical, schizophrenic crisis like the lead character of Fight Club.

    It’s actually a legitimate fear of mine.

  4. See a play in the new Globe Theater

    This is also something I would have to do during a potential graduate school trip. If I get into the University of Kent I would so do everything I can to see everything Shakespeare-related I could.

  5. Make a  paycheck that makes me feel like an adult.

    No comment. Just want to do that. For self-worth purposes and stuff.

  6. Write something that people like.

    Otherwise this creative writing degree will just be a complete waste of time.

  7. Get my body right.

    Because it is just an absolute mess right now.

  8. Love someone.

    Preferably a young french woman I meet in grad school that has a thing for Americans.

  9. Make people happy.

    Because making people sad is just a sucky thing to do.

  10. Not die.

    For at least 60 years. That would cool.


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