I have no clue what goes into a beer review, but I had a particular ale last night and it was nothing short of special.

“The Blood of the Unicorn” is made by the Pipeworks Brewing Company, it is an Imperial Red Ale that has an excellent hoppy taste, a myriad of colors (I counted at least three) and has a full flavor from beginning to end. Made in Chicago, it is part of the Pipeworks Brewing Company’s Ninja vs. Unicorn Epic Battle Series. Take a look at the copy on the bottle:

DSC05416Freaking awesome right? Like when I read that my mouth slowly drew agape. Oh yeah, plus,  look at the label:

DSC05415While this may be burying the lead a little bit, how we came across this mystical beer is something that really needs to be discussed. See the beer is only made in Chicago. It is only sold in a limited area. We live in Massachusetts.

About three months ago my dad was looking up stuff on Google and for some reason the searches deteriorated into looking up cool beer names. Of course we found this beer and started looking up information on it. Actually, that is when I read my first beer review. I didn’t know there were actually sites where you could go on and rate beers – I mean it isn’t surprising (It’s awesome). The more we read the more we found out that this beer was amazing.

So we checked out their website (and all the awesomeness that comes with it). Unfortunately that is when we learned the horrible news: The Blood of the Unicorn is not distributed in Massachusetts. Momentarily we were crushed.

But we had resolve.

We went around to all of our local package stores and told them about it – in dire hopes that we could order the mystical beverage through them. The store owners were intrigued but all told us the same thing: they couldn’t order it.

Strike two.

So we admired it from afar for a couple of weeks, casually checking the website in moments of mournful longing. But then my dad had an idea – find a second person. If we found someone who knew someone in Chicago we could have them order it for us and ship it here.

Eventually, while talking to one of his co-workers, he found someone who had family in Chicago. Add in another aspect to our search.

From what I’ve been told she employed her entire family in Chicago and they traversed the city to find our beer. Her mother – her 75-year old mother – finally found our beer.

And that takes us back to last night and the beer that, after 90 days of anticipation, didn’t disappoint. Check out the left over photos from the inaugural partaking:

Bottom Line: If you find it, buy it. If you like a good red ale – you will love this beer.

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