I don’t have a word to say how I feel;
How can I say everything at once?
Can I really praise every appeal,
Every kiss or each sweet, sincere wish?

I don’t have a word and I feel absurd.
I should be able to tell you my love
and speak each beauty as they had occurred
or give you glory like the gods above.

I don’t have a word because there’s no one
Like you. And without your love I’d be through:
Like a love story with a setting sun –
I cannot picture my world without you.

I wanted to say something that was true,
And the one thing that fit was I love you.

I just thought of this in the shower. I wanted to write vows in the form of a sonnet. I kinda like it.

3 Comment on “#NaPoWriMo2014 Day 21 “I don’t have a word”

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