The Top Ten most overused/hilariously awkward Hashtags

By Nick Christian


I’ve recently become addicted to #Twitter. It’s slowly becoming a #nighttimeritual. I usually stop my #cnmchronicle work around 8:00 p.m., at which time I go through the day’s feed. In the past couple of days I’ve become more aware of hashtags.

A hashtag(#), which is otherwise known as the number or pound symbol, is a trending device where people can talk about broad topics with bodies of people they may not have access to.

Hashtags, while they may serve as a useful, let’s say marketing, tool, can become overused. Here is a list of the top ten most overused hashtags as arranged by me.


10: #Ihungupbecause

A hashtag I usually see between people in relationships, this hashtag is often used “#ihungupbecause I am in a meeting.” Some other ways this is used are:

  • #Ihungupbecause you are boring to talk to.
  • #Ihungupbecause I thought we were done talking.
  • #Ihungupbecause the checkout girl is really hot.


9: #Icantdateyou

The meanest hashtag out there, #Icantdateyou is often used by A-holes. Here are some examples:

  • #Icantdateyou because I’m married
  • You like Strawberry Rhubarb pie so #Icantdateyou
  • You’re a Souillion so #Icantdateyou
  • #Icantdateyou because I’m currently dating your sister


8: #Ineedadrink

I want to conduct a survey behind this hashtag. You could easily diagram who amongst your friends are alcoholics by how often they use this hashtag. Let’s think of the varying degrees of #Ineedadrink:

  • #Ineedadrink because I got laid off.
  • #Ineedadrink to make my wife/husband less annoying.
  • This person is being a jerk #Ineedadrink to spill on them.


7: #osama

In research for this article I looked at a couple different sites that compiled hashtag trending statistics. On the hashtag #osama was listed under celebrity hashtags. Does this bug anybody else? Was his death or the perusal of his death a topic to vault him into a celebrity status? I don’t think so.


6:  #thisweekend

The hashtag #thisweekend is something that always gives an accurate portrayal of the person your following. It typically lets you know if they have a life outside of Twitter or other internet follies.

  • I woke up in Texas #thisweekend. I went to bed in Maine.
  • #thisweekend I grew my elven mage to level 96 and acquired the helm of disintegration.
  • I got herpes #thisweekend.


5: #IfBiebermetGaGa

A hashtag that first trended after the MTV movie awards, #ifBiebermetGaga allows fans to hypothesize about what would happen if Justin Bieber met Lady Gaga.

  • #IfBiebermetGaga and their bodies touched, the angels would cry.
  • #IfBiebermetGaga their musical collaboration could kill the villain from the end of Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey.
  • #IfBiebermetGaga I just wouldn’t care.


4: #Worstpickuplines

One of the more hilarious trending groups, #Worstpickuplines is typically seen Friday and Saturday nights. #OMGwhatdidido is usually seen on the accounts of these people the following morning.

  • He said “Girl, you could be a model. A model of how to get me excited” #worstpickuplines
  • He said “Did you know I’m a foreman? But bricks aren’t the only thing I lay.” #worstpickuplines.
  • He said “Let’s make music: Eh-oh-eh-oh-eh” #worstpickuplines


3: #NickChristianisawesome

This isn’t something trending. I just wanted to throw you off.


2: #Winning

In what can be known as the sole remnants of Charlie Sheen’s acting career, #Winning notifies others when you have or are doing something that you find really cool. The repetitive nature of those who are #winning makes those who aren’t want to drink the tiger blood from their body to shut them up.

  • (1:48 a.m.) just brought home a super model #Winning
  • (3:55 a.m.) pulled a “Ninja Vanish” from super model’s phone #Winning
  • (5:12 a.m.) Super model left before I woke up making it so we don’t have to have an awkward morning conversation #Winning


1: #Fail

I hate it when people use #Fail. Whether it is the spread of negativity or the blatant finger pointing to those who have messed up, there is something about #Fail that bugs me. And you see it everywhere.

  • The city is doing construction by my house #Fail
  • I got a 72 on my test L #Fail
  • My girlfriend said I suck. I guess I #Fail at her expectations

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