And by writing I mean either on paper or in my head:

  1. A story about Christmas Nihilism derived from hearing “have yourself a merry little Christmas” when walking in a store on a beer run. Does anyone else think that song is sad? is it just me?
  2. There’s an outline of a fairly well though out coming of age story sitting on my old laptop. Occasionally I’ll let that thought run a couple of laps in my head – but I don’t want to touch it anymore.
  3. Speaking of touching something up – phrasing – I could take another pass at Not For Long. I was in love with that story during grad school and it could use a second run through.

There’s nothing else.

I guess I could hit up some of the NaPo prompts – which really is what nudged me back towards here. But I don’t know if I really want to be focusing this newfound energy on some type of verse. If it isn’t a screenplay idea or a short story idea – then I don’t know if I want to consider it at this point. Hmmm.

Maybe I can do some of my own creative writing assignments and flood this with character profiles and setting exercises. IDK. But something is coming. I feel it. There’s a story from this three year hiatus approaching the surface of my head. Maybe it is the three-part “Acolyte” – “Savior” – “Heretic” concept I’ve played around with from my notebooks (and I am just now realizing I haven’t talked about on here – for good reason). That probably interests me more than anything else at the moment. Which, if I follow my own rules, means it’s the thing I should be writing.

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