The dark irony of being an english teacher is that while you are always reading, sometimes you aren’t reading what you want to be reading.

Yet, because I am now at home 24/7 and have adapted to that work schedule amazingly so (like I’m seeking more work because i have all this introvert energy stored up), i now have the opportunity to read some of those titles that i keep scrolling past on my google books list.

1) A Farewell to Arms

Like any pretentious perpetually half-drunk failed writer, I love me some Ernest Hemingay. My Master’s Program, which for some reason I just capitalized but have no desire to go back and edit, was full of Papa Bear’s shorts and rather devoid on some of the longer works. Inset this. I am currently 7-ish chapters in (and loving it).

2) Beartown

Goodreads drew me to this lovely work from Fredrick Backman. A story of a Hockey town drawn apart by high school scandal is the perfect read for some of my students. I just have to finish it. It is admiringly good, but my focus kept getting occupied.

3) Infinite Jest

Its fucking DFW. And I need to read it.

4) Moby Dick

I took a professional development seminar on blended learning where the speaker used this book to enforce the strategy. It made me want to read it again. Well, he and Ron Swanson.

Let’s see how much of this I get done!

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