I wanted to take a post just to talk about how proud I was to vote for Elizabeth Warren in the Massachusetts primary. In my eyes she was the smartest, most prepared, and, to me at least, relatable candidate in the procession.

Like her, I’m the kid of a custodian, got an advanced degree after starting at a community college and, after watching my parents go through credit card issues (or at least talk about the evils of credit cards in my youth) i dug how she gained acclaim fighting credit card companies for deceitful practices at the end of the aughts. That’s that relatable, even almost honorable bit that I was almost compelled to vote for.

The other part was much more policy driven and the way she approached those issues. If there is anything about our current world climate that should be resoundingly true, we need educated people with detailed positions that dont change in consecutive meetings or fit on a baseball hat.

Now, I’m backing Bernie, and if the case calls for it I’ll back Biden. Our country needs guidance before we, quite literally, die to the unchecked greed the powers at be require.

Thank you Elizabeth. I was proud of the way you ran your campaign.

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