I’ve been feeling guilty about not posting anything for a long time (and especially since I’ve spent my first month of summer virtually doing nothing – although I read a little bit) so this is sort of a free write I thought I’d share. Some of the imagery within it has been revisiting me from time to time so it is fitting that it is the first thing I post in the return. I hope I’ll get back into a consistent rhythm at least for the remainder of summer.



James sat in the middle of the row. He was early. Everyone wanted to get there early. They … sat up front, but he went to the balcony. It was a better view. He’d see them after. The auditorium filled quickly. Someone’s parents – proud, pleased, persistent – sat to the right of James. A group of another’s friends, vocal and vibrant, were behind him. Soon, an assortment of women took the seats to his left.

Allie, of the assortment, sat closest to James. She thanked him for moving a seat over so she could sit with her friends. She smiled. James smiled. The moment passed.

The show started.

In the next moments he’d look over. Daydreams overtook him. Saturdays spent sleeping late and Sundays sprawled out binging show after show after show, sharing shots of meandering emotion, indulging in new vistas with unknown outcomes. Nights of blue walls with white trim and moonlit shadow puppet passion persuading positions of pure perfection. A connection. A bond between two people true and universal to the thoughts transitioning throughout time and his head.

In those next moments, Allie checked her phone.

The show ended. The parents rose, readied to their exit. The friends chattered yet quickly followed. The assortment, Allie included, gathered and were gone. James lingered before leaving.

He sat, stared ahead. The closed curtain confronted him.

What do you think? Do you agree? Do you love it? Or am i a complete tool? Any response is welcome!

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