For the last couple of days, I’ve wanted to get on here to write a reaction post (not a review) after watching the Academy Award nom for best original screenplay, The Big Sick. For the majority of the day today I was in school, and yesterday/Saturday I was in the last stages of Vacation lethargy. I wasn’t going to do anything.

Yet, as I lay awake trying to readjust to the school (work) schedule, I find myself still thinking about it. I love Rom Coms. I grew up on them. And after watching The Big Sick (shamefully, in hindsight, two weeks after I initially rented it), I felt my fire lit once again. I want to write movies like that. I’ve missed having that desire.

That brings us to our dilemma: What’s my story? What’s that thing I have to write about? The answer is not concretely in my head. It’s not like when I was working on Not for Long (fingers still crossed for Nantucket) – there were people and ideas I had in my head for a long time. When it comes to writing a Rom com – something that can be undeniably me – I don’t know what that story is. Maybe that’s the story – not having a story. But that feels like writing a coming of age type of film (which, arguably, is a characteristic theme in Rom coms) more than a Rom com – with more than being the operative words.

I see an emotion. A tonal aesthetic that would feel like something I would write. But that’s not enough to start writing.

So, in the process of embarking on a new story, I am stuck in the brainstorming phase. Maybe a freewrite will be coming soon. Maybe I will seek out a couple of prompts and see if anything comes from them. The great thing, though, is I want to do that. Good movies always make me want to write, which is probably the best compliment I could give The Big Sick, even if I didn’t say a goddamned word about it in this post. 😁

Have a great Tuesday to whoever gives this a look.

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