I hate when I have a long period of not posting on here because it always feels as if I should explain why I haven’t been posting. What’s funny about it is there isn’t this wave of controversy regarding my absence either. Taking a second to look at it, I probably only do that to justify to myself why I haven’t been writing. Which is kind of what this is, too, lol.

It’s been a long bit since I last got on here. I had my favorite season coaching football and, for the moment, maybe my last season coaching football (at least for the time being). I ran my own offense and it was glorious. But it was also the consolation prize to getting the head coach gig. That fact fostered in my mind, ultimately contributing to my inevitable downfall. That sounds more serious than it probably is, but it’s something that, at the time of my last posting, I didn’t see coming.

Teaching is fun. I’m writing right now because I’m on a vacation break. Obviously the time off is not the reason why I teach, but dang is it a nice perk. I feel like I am getting better as a teacher, or more comfortable at the very least. It’s been a process of figuring out who I am in the room, but I think I am getting there. I can’t wait to get to have a shot at a full course load.

With football gone, I want to make a commitment to getting back in touch with other parts of myself. I lose Nick the Writer every time football comes around. Since its gone, I want to be a creator again. I want to be passionate about the news and topics I used to be passionate about. It’s time.

So, I’m back. See ya around.

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