My Friday: out the house at 5:15 a.m. so i can get to the school and open it for 6:00 a.m. workouts. As i am beginning to get on the exit 9 onramp i think i see something dangling from my roof. At first i think nothing of it and proceed forward. Once i make the turn to get on the ramp, i hear sliding and i clearly see my phone and charger fly off the roof of my car. After the initial shock wore off i realized i was on the highway and couldnt turn around till exit 8. So i speed down, then back, and park my car a little before the 9 ramp. As i am walking up to the 9 ramp a semi passes me and the only thought in my head is "*uuuuuuuuuu**". With my spirt broken i make my way towards the phone, hoping i can at least extract my sim/memory. When i got there i half expected to see a shattered mess. What i did see: my phone, fine, blinking a status notification, and my charger with just the top popped off. So, needless to say, i had a decent friday.

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