For those of you who are unfamiliar with National Poetry Writer’s Month, it’s in April, and a lot of people get into it. This past April I tried to get back in the habit. I took 2016 off and figured I would use 2017 as a way to get into a writing routine. I had a lot of time to write as well. I was subbing at local high schools every day and it allowed for a little bit of down time each day to put pen to paper (my poetry typically goes on paper first). I went strong for about 11 days. But then, I didn’t.

I coach football in the fall (an activity I am now being encompassed by) and some developments – Quick Tangent: When I say “some developments” I mean I had applied to be the head coach of the school I am currently am at but they decided to go in another direction yet they asked the new coach to bring me back so April, and May, were me talking myself into doing the gig – happened that I had to address, taking me away from writing.

So, fast forward a couple of months, I’m going through some items and found (some of) the poems I had written in prep for NaPo, gently nudging me to get my lazy blogger ass back on my platform. Now I just gotta find something to write about.

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