Today (Sunday, even though this will be posted on Tuesday) I’ve been scheduling some posts and I noticed the little number next to the new post box – the one that notifies you how many drafts you have. Evidently, in my however many years of having this blog (somewhere around five, I think), I have 32 things that I’ve never published. Most of them are just ideas I didn’t continue with. For instance, there was:

  • My Five Favorite Video Game #NationalVideoGameDay

I just found out that it was National Video Game Day. Who decides that? Is there a committee? Anyway, since I’m waiting for my phone to charge before I can leave, here are my five favorite video games (In no particular order).

  • Super Mario Bros. 3.This has to be on everyone’s list, right? It’s a classic. I got a DS just so I could play this (and a game a little further down on the list).  Maybe it was the tail Or this awesome cross platform marketing strategy:

  • Final Fantasy 7Really, there are a lot of games in the FF series that could be on this list (X, XII, III – all of them, really), but how can you not go with the game changer? there are so many things

or this scathing statement on capitalism:

  • The Samsung Oscar Selfie and Product Placement

We’ve all seen it by now. The selfie to end all selfies. If you haven’t:



And, as it turns out, the fun, impromptu thing was an ad. Samsung, according to an article in the Wall Street Journal, paid for it.

Harsh, right? How about this reasonably unpublished post:

  • What I did on my 27th Birthday

I have no desire to do anything today. Like none. The only things I am looking forward to today are my bottle of absinthe and … that’s about it. I told myself I would pull a Hemmingway and write/drink for the duration of the day. Here is a list of what I did today pre-absinthe:

  • Try to get Netflix to work.
  • lay on the couch hoping Netflix will suddenly work.
  • Resign to watching the snow fall outside.
  • Bitch about the snow falling outside on facebook.
  • talk to a friend online.
  • Look for “When Harry Met Sally” on you-tube.
  • Settle for “A lot like love”

There were a decent amount of “no title” posts with nothing inside them. A couple with nothing more than a sentence, and a few that were a little too dirty to recount here (my career has taken a different turn). I had a blind hope that there might be one or two that I really liked and wanted to take another swing at (the closest is likely the video game one at the top) but nothing really piqued my interest. At least I know now, right?

What’s stuck in your draft folder?

What do you think? Do you agree? Do you love it? Or am i a complete tool? Any response is welcome!

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