Since I’m in my second Sunday of working, I’ve realized that my Sundays are for two things: Laundry and Blogging. Last week I wrote a post about how I was going to get on here every day, and I schedule a couple of other posts for the week,and now I’ve realized that this is the only day I can get on here and have something coherent to say is on Sunday (Saturdays are for Netflix – btw, the second season of Love is up and it’s, I don’t want to say dope, because I think that might be overselling it, but I enjoyed it).

The other thing Sunday is for, is laundry. Can more be written for laundry? I don’t have any specific requirements when laundering (does that still work, or did I just change the meaning of the sentence?), as a matter of fact, most times I just throw everything in and hope nothing bleeds. Currently, I am in the process of piling everything together and corralling it towards the washer. Tis my Sunday adventure.

This Sunday, I’m finishing some video work, which makes it a little easier to sit here and type (I have to be at the computer to insert new dvds). Maybe I will schedule some things for the future while I’m at it!

What are you doing today?

3 Comment on “Sundays are for Laundry and Blogging

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