Now that the Combine has come to a close, and we just started the free agency window period, I have a couple of quick Patriots thoughts I want to throw out there.

  • Jimmy G. will go before the draft.
    • Lets say TB12 stays three more years (that’s reasonable), Jimmy G will be in the third year of his NEXT contract before he is crowned the dude. For an organization that is so focused on making appropriate choices in relation to the cap, why would they keep him on the roster (and tie funds into him) for such an extended period of time? I get the flipside of the argument. TB12 is a few years away from AARP benefits floating in from the mailbox. Having a backup starting-caliber QB is a luxury that few teams rarely have. When you have the heir, you don’t let him leave the building. That being said, imagine the type of offers they’ll be getting as we inch closer to the draft. If one or two of those top teams (Browns, Bears, 49ers) get into a bidding war, the haul could be dirty – and potentially have a celtics/nets-esque impact on the team.

  • Myles Garret is a Freak
    • |The only plausible way the Pats have a shot at the End is if the bidding war for Jimmy G gets so crazy that  the Browns are willing to give up the first pick, and it’s probably a given that the Pats would trade that pick for the above scenario if they were to get the selection. But how fun is it to imagine having a DL THAT dominate on the field? The Pats D would be insane.
  • Top Free Agent needs
    • Get Donta signed up. Hightower has earned his paycheck. He has made critical plays in the last two Super Bowl victories and there isn’t a more fun player to watch on an A-gap blitz. I worry about the LBs if he walks.
    • DL Depth. There is a lot of talent on the DL (Flowers, Sheard, Brown, Valentine – you could keep going), but pass rushers matter. Grabbing a veteran end that could be a 3 on third down could really benefit the team.
    • Figure out the TE situation. Gronk’s hurt and Bennett wants a check. While NE has all of those quick little receivers that stretch the field horizontally, when the pats are good – like really, scary good – it’s when they can create mismatches with the TE. if they keep the 32nd, maybe this is the way they go (I like the dude from Bama). but it will be interesting to see what they do once midnight strikes on the 10th.

What do you think? Do you agree? Do you love it? Or am i a complete tool? Any response is welcome!

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