I’m never on Twitter. The majority of my tweets are synced from here or on Facebook/Hootsuite. Part of the problem was I was following a lot of people I didn’t care about or was interested in. So, over the weekend, I cut about 35% of who I was following (around 650 people). There’s probably a bunch of whittling away I can still do, but I’m happy with the progress thus far. The other thing I’m doing is putting the things that really interest me into lists – just as a way to consolidate things. I’m hoping it will make me get a little more use out of the platform.

How do you use Twitter?



Welcome to the empty recesses of my mind! I'm a recent college graduate realizing a Creative Writing degree was a bad idea. Give me a pity like. Or you could check out the about sections (on the front page and about this author page) on my blog to learn a little more about me. Whatever. https://thebohemianrockstarpresents.wordpress.com/

What do you think? Do you agree? Do you love it? Or am i a complete tool? Any response is welcome!

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