There is a certain point in the day when you are unemployed and looking for work where you’ve filled out all of the applications you can possibly fill out – either because you’ve simply applied for everything you’re qualified for, or because writing another cover letter might make you cry. It was that point today when I decided to do something a little more productive. I’m reading old papers trying to see if there is anything I want to work on more in an effort to publish.

I’ve found two I really like:

First is my paper on Ophelia in Hamlet, called: The Tragedy of Ophelia: Uncovering Hamlet’s Unspoken Heroine.

Second is my review of Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale (which I just found out is being adapted for tv): The Unwilling Martyr: I don’t want to be telling this story.

Both are two really cool feminist takes on the texts meshed with a bit of deconstruction. If some sort of phd is in my future I think these are the two strongest things I’ve written (academically). Hopefully while I have downtime pursuing job leads, these are two pieces I can look at with fresh eyes.


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