I’m a little bored so I thought I’d post a Not for Long update as its what I’m reworking in my screenwriting class at Southern New Hampshire University (act one, at least). The following little bit is a revised step outline of act one and, to be totally honest, it’s been a good help in the revising process. I’m not much of a big outline guy – I do outline, I just try to keep it minimal – but this has been helpful this time around. It’s probably a process I’m going to start to do regularly, in some way, just because it feels orderly.

Before I post, if you want to check out the full (rough) draft of what I have so far, go to this page.


INT. Press Conference Room – Day

Open to the Commissioner of the American Football Federation standing in front of a Ravenous press corps. Flashes and questions permeate throughout the room. The Commissioner announces the AFF is folding because of new helmet regulations implemented by the government after a federal study on the impact of concussions within the brain.


INT. Prison Conference Room – Day

Title Over: Eight Years Later

Trevor, trailed by his assistant Emily, walks through the doors to the Prison Conference room to see James chained to a table in the middle of the room. Trevor explains he is a reporter who wants to tell James’ side of the Grindhouse massacre because he believes James is innocent. While James is hesitant, he ultimately opens up to Trevor and agrees to tell his story.


EXT. Industrial area – Night

Title Over: Two Years Earlier

James is late. He bursts out of his car and runs toward the building far in the distance. He reaches a heavily secure back entrance and enters the building.


INT. Grindhouse offices – Night

James makes his way through a massively armed security area and enters “the quad.” Seeing the game is underway, James decides to enter from a location other than field level. He runs through an office area and takes a service elevator to the concourse level.


INT. Grindhouse Stadium – Concourse Level – Night

James steps into a world of purely gratifying excess. Strippers, cops, criminals, politicians, and a further ranging mix of humanity indulge in alcohol, drugs, and sex all while watching the game play out on the field – which is sunken 90 feet below the concourse level. James wades through the colorful field, working his way down the “nine levels of hell.”


INT. Grindhouse Stadium – Field Level – Night

James reaches field level and checks the schematics of the prototype as action from the game plays out on the field. Racheal offers opinions on its progress and asks if that’s why he was late. James finds out Mike is playing high when he talks to him on the sideline.


INT. Grindhouse Locker Room – Night

Ecstatic from clinching a playoff-birth, players enter the makeshift locker room while James gives treatment to various players. “Coach” addresses the team, laying out the schedule for the playoffs, as members of Brianna’s squad enter the room. James locks up and meets with Racheal as he exits.


INT. Grindhouse Offices – Night

James and Racheal walk through and out the building, talking about Mike and the helmet along the way.


EXT. Industrial Area – Night

Racheal tries to invite herself over, insinuating that James’ just going to call her later, but James doesn’t pick up on it. He opens her car door for her, watching her leave, before he drives away.


INT. Prison Conference Room – Day

Trevor and James talk about where Mike was. James works to recall the information.


EXT. Down Marker – Night

Mike sits outside of Brianna’s club, “Down Marker” taking a drag as fans gawk at him from the queue to the building. Lennox and his posse roll up and give Mike a sneak peek at the drug Lennox is about to unveil to Brianna. After Mike remarks on the aesthetic, they head inside.


INT. Down Marker – Club Level – Night

As Mike, Lennox, and Lennox’s crew walk through the club, various nightlife recreation takes place. With all of their movements, Brianna’s skybox suite looms overhead like an all watchful eye. When they reach the second floor, Mike and Lennox leave his Lennox’s crew and head to Brianna’s private elevator to access her third floor suite.


INT. Brianna’s Suite – Night

Mike and Lennox enter the suite to find Sato laying on the couch taking selfies, the PR Director on the awning next to the suite talking on his phone, and Brianna pouring a drink at the bar while watching an array of monitors. Lennox gives Brianna her new drug which she proceeds to unveil to the club below by opening a grate on her floor and announcing Lennox’s creation, “Candy,” to the club-goers below. After the unveil, Brianna addresses the issue of James’ helmet project, what it could mean for “her” underground league, and orders Mike to get the prototype from his brother for her own use.


INT. Prison Conference Room – Day

Trevor asks James what it was like finding out Mike had betrayed him. James explains he hadn’t begun to suspect things until later that night when Mike called shortly after Brianna’s order. But because he didn’t have any evidence, James just continued to further his research.

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