Day 10: I feel as if I half-assed this one, especially given how popular it was. Side note, I have the Thunder Buddy song stuck in my head all over again.

Ted (2012) – IMDb.

I have a feeling this movie would be hilarious high. Like if i was living with some of the people i lived with at my first college, there would be nights spent walking into smoke-filled living rooms finding three dudes, high as fuck, laughing their ass off to this movie.

Do i have to go over the story in a dvd review? Boy grows up with magic talking bear. Finds a girlfriend that gives him an ultimatum. Bam, two sentence story synopsis. Beat that Fandango.

The DVD has a couple of different features. There is the unrated version that goes along with the regular theatrical version. My favorite part of a DVD set is always the commentary, which this one kind of falls short with. It’s Wahlberg, Macfarlane and the other writer (who cares, right?). No Mila Kunis and Marky Mark leaves midway through so it is the two writers the majority of the film.

The gag reel is funny – but a little short, which kind of means they used alot of the stuff. The Making Of featurette is really funny and interesting considering all the technical components of what went into making Ted.

There are a grip of deleted scenes. A lot of them were just quick clips that were unnecessary to the overall plot, but some of them were kind of cool. Alot of them were a live action family guy joke that didn’t really play. I would have like to have seen more Patrick Warburton.

Best performances:

Mark Wahlberg. Dude is funny high. Like really funny. I guess you have to be to make Entourage (what does that even mean?).

Joel McHale. The guy needs to be in more movies.

Mila Kunis. You kind of just get the feeling she is just being her. I mean she is funny, but it was one of those performances where you don’t really see a character.

Seth Macfarlane. The guy makes the movie.

Should you buy it? Hell yeah.

To end on: Finding clips for this movie on You tube was kind of weird. I kept getting clips for Ted Talks rather than Ted.


What do you think? Do you agree? Do you love it? Or am i a complete tool? Any response is welcome!

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