In about 21 weeks I will have an M.A. in English and Creative Writing with a Screenwriting concentration…

That’s an awesome sentence. I want to write it again.

In about 21 weeks I will have an M.A. in English and Creative Writing with a Screenwriting concentration.

It’s been a long time coming. There were nights back in Albuquerque when I would dream about having that stupid piece of paper. Now, I’m all of five months from being at that place in my life. So that’s kind of cool.

This past term was kind of unexpected. I took Shakespeare and a Science Fiction genre class and I wound up really appreciating the Shakespeare class more than I thought I would. I’ve always fancied myself as a amateur Shakespearean academic and this is the first class I’ve written something that I think is suitable for publication (check my tragedy of Ophelia post to read a draft). The genre class produced the start of a potential anthology of shorts.

Next term is a big one for me. It’s the start of my screenwriting thesis and a redo of the Fiction and Film venture from last fall. I’m particularly excited about the screenwriting one as I’m going to bring Not For Long into the class.  Getting notes on and expanding the draft is something I’m looking forward to doing. Plus, the books look interesting.

The new books are in! #snhu #screenwriting

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The only other interesting thing going on in my life is on the job front. Hopefully I will get an interview shot here soon, but it’s the time of the year when a lot of things (teaching jobs, mainly) are getting posted.

That’s enough for now. I’ll check back with stuff later.



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