I’m a fairly staunch democrat. I cringe when people say “liberal,” and correct them with “progressive.” My social stances are definitely leftist and fiscally I’m totally left of center. That being said, I’ve never been one not to listen to anyone. The key to existence is compromise and there, potentially, is a way I could see myself voting red instead of blue come November.

Ted Cruz and Donald Trump need to film a music video.

After a week of watching CNN and MSNBC, and keeping the channel on Fox News long enough so I could feel good about calling myself unbias even though I’m definitely bias, I’m sick and also fascinated about the top Republican Candidates’ wives. There has to be another debate to talk about this clusterfuck which blew its load over social media in the past week.

But there won’t be. The Donald won’t do a new one. But he loves filming video. So does Cruz.  Why can’t the east side meet the west south side and make a video answering the question they desperately need to know: Whose Bitch is Better?

That’s it right there. To all the strategists and analysts looking for how to get the millennial vote within the Republican party, Have Donald Trump and Ted Cruz make a music video, title it “#MyBitchBetter” (or have them shoot a shot for shot remake of R.Kelly and Usher’s “Same Girl”) and I will gladly give you my vote for the 2016 election. I will subsequently prepare for a post-apocalyptic society reminiscent to the Fallout franchise, but you will have my vote.

Note: I’ll never vote for one of the current Republican Candidates. They would be horrible for women, minorities, the economy, culture, the environment, national security, and the fabric of American existence. I am genuinely worried about the division of anger being caused within the current political climate. My urgent plea to anyone of reasonable mind that identifies as republican is to vote democratic for 2016 and spend the next four years earnestly reworking your party’s current structure. I look forward to people telling me to fuck off in the comments.


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