I haven’t reviewed a movie on here in a hot minute. I miss doing reviews. It’s kind of what I’m devoting as lot of my time to studying (Well, screenplay structure). So, I’m excited for this Oscar season.

#Oscarssowhite probably should go first in a discussion of the season. Being a white dude I have no credibility discussing it. The past two seasons when I have done a post I have waited for the best picture noms to come out to see how many of them I can watch before the ceremony. In each season, and including this one, I had relatively no sense of the films going into the event. So, in a discussion of race in the best picture, best actor, or best actress categories, how the fuck can I comment on it? I’d like to think Academy voters picked the best performances and that the issue lies with studios. But I haven’t seen much of the performances this year to argue for a particular case either way (although I heard Michael B. Jordan was dope in Creed). If you have an opinion on it, please comment!

Let’s take a look at the noms through their trailers:

  1. The Big Short

Being that asshole friend of yours who raved about Inside Joh when he first saw it three years after it came out, I think I was naturally inclined to enjoy this flick. This might be something where #Oscarssowhite might have a point. Why can’t someone of color be in a role like this? That being said, what would this film be like without any of these four dudes in their respective roles?

One more thing: how about the progression of Steve Carrell? This was written a lot last year with the boxing movie, but damn. Dude has chops. I also feel Adam McKay deserves some love. This is inside the stadium parking of what you think he could do, but it definitely shows growth from more of the light-hearted comedies you associate with him.

2) Bridge of Spies

Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg has to be gold, right? It looks like it. I’m not much of a war-movie guy, but I’m interested in seeing this Hanks movie. I wasn’t that in to Captain Phillips and Saving Mr. Banks was blah. Reuniting with Spielberg, and doing something with this type of tone, feels right.

3) Brooklyn

This looks good and unbearable. The lead, Saorise Roman, was one of my favorite parts of The Grand Budapest Hotel and seems to have a range of emotion that comes across powerfully on screen. And while it is somewhat colorful and light, it is a period piece that deals with race issues between white people. With the current race issue overlooking the Oscars, it’s only natural that this film is looked at with eye rolls.

Based on the trailer, it looks like a decent coming of age story with a heavy romance theme. And her relationship with her friends played really well. I’ll likely love it – because that’s just the type of thing I try to write.

4) Mad Max

I have a feeling I’m going to love this movie when I actually do watch it. Thus far it’s fallen into the “I’ll watch it later” category. But it has all the things that typically keep a portion of my attention: post-apocalyptic, it’s in Austrailia, Charlize Theron is in it. I should love it.

Knowing very little about this movie, or the one from the eighties (I think), it seems like an interesting choice for a best picture nom. Luckily this one is available to rent so I will get my answers soon.

5) The Martian

You ever have one of those days when you’re like “I can’t watch another fucking Matt Damon Movie?” That was me every Tuesday since this was available to rent on the Play Station Network and Google Play. It’s not that I hate Matt Damon as an actor, … but I do? There is confliction within me about how I feel about this movie. Is this going to be interesting Gravity? Maaaaaaybe… It probably because I don’t want to have to watch another man versus space plotline.

But it’s probably awesome.


6) The Revenant

I fell in love with Birdman last year. It was dope. Admittedly, when Alejandro G. Iñárritu did Babel or Biutiful, I overlooked the films. But with Birdman I developed new respect for him as a writer/director/producer. So I was naturally excited to view his next work.

Then you add in Leo. And Leo fights a fucking bear. (Hands over money). I’m good. Where’s the snack bar?

7) Room

Brie fucking Larson. Loved her in Scott Pilgrim, on Community, and The United States of Tara. Plus factor in this looks like something I could write, I’m in. I’ll drive to whatever random indy theater this is playing in.

8) Spotlight

They all look good, each of the seven previous selections, but this one has me hooked just by the synopsis. Boston reporters uncover scandal in the church? Word. Let’s do it. Press play.

Plus consider the cast in this one. Six solid actors. Keaton post-Birdman. Ruffalo-post Avengers II, and I always love McAdams (I would have written her too). I’m sure the other seven movies feature great performances, but this is one I expect the actors to blow me away.

That’s my basic outlook for the eight best picture noms. Now I have to try and watch everything before the Oscars telecast.


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