My books for my second session (term) of Masters’ classes at Southern New Hampshire University are in. I’m taking British Romanticism and a Fiction workshop. All of the books (minus one on my phone) are right here:


At first glance, I’m really excited about The Age of Romanticism. In addition to all of the works of various authors, there are also essays to put those works in a historical context – which is kind of cool. Plus it’s big and shiny.



Welcome to the empty recesses of my mind! I'm a recent college graduate realizing a Creative Writing degree was a bad idea. Give me a pity like. Or you could check out the about sections (on the front page and about this author page) on my blog to learn a little more about me. Whatever.

What do you think? Do you agree? Do you love it? Or am i a complete tool? Any response is welcome!

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