Does it matter?

It’s a horribly awful thought, I know. But what is this going to change? I feel for the victim’s families. They were in church. Church. A place where they are supposed to be safe. And they were massacred.

But haven’t we done this so many times that we know what’s going to happen?

Day 1: Support for the victims families – multiple posts of sorrow, shock, and tragedy.

Day 2: The gun control and race debates: What if the shooter was black and the church were white people? Why hasn’t restrictions for background checks happened? Why does everyone want to take away our guns?

Day 3: The hard “think” pieces from columnists that comment on any aspect that appeals to their readership.

Day 4: More reforms and reform fighting.

The point is these stories, these horrible stories in which people’s lives are being shattered, when did they become process stories? And when did we become ok with that?

I don’t know what to change. But we need to work together to fix it. This country – this world – is becoming more and more divided by hate and fear and that’s not alright.

Bless everyone affected by the events of the Charleston Shooting. What has happened and what will happen are not what they deserve.


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