I can’t believe the last thing I wrote on here was for NaPoWriMo. Talk about slacking, huh? Well, I can’t say I’ve been slacking. I started my masters program midway in April and to say the reading has been heavy, would be putting it lightly. It’s been fun though. And I’m doing well in my classes (A’s in each).

Before I get to where I am now, I think I should start with what’s happened in the past month or so:

  1. Graduation!!!!!!!!!

    May 7th (I think) I walked in SNHU’s graduation ceremony. It was… Well, let’s break it down by pictures:

    20150509_140818[1]I did eventually figure out how to put on whatever you call the blue and gold thing. I still contend it looks better like this, though.

    20150509_143750[1] Now these are pretty cool. My aunt Connie and uncle Bo gave me a set of my Grandfather’s pens (and the awesome lunch box). A bunch of cards have come in from other people as well. I really need to go get Thank You cards.
    See, told you I figured it out.

    … It did have to be fixed several times after this photo, however.

    Now this next set of photos is all of the behind the scenes stuff. People did get pictures of me in the ceremony, but I can’t find the memory card – so those are not going to be in this post. Check out what I took:



    And, eventually, then I got this …


    I’m glad I went there. Had that experience. There was a lot of reflecting going on in my head throughout it all. Picturing what the moment would have been like if things played out one way or the other. I desperately wanted that holder to say the University of New Mexico for a very long time. Now, I’m just proud I have something to signify the journey – the odyssey, as I called it in my finalist speech. So this picture, in all of my bloated glory, will always seem to have importance to me.

  2. Passed the English MTELS

    Because there are not a lot of writing jobs on Cape, and I’m not really willing to move at this time, I’ve been trying to get my teaching certification. Because I’m a creative writing major, I had no clue what the process really entailed. I thought all I had to do was pass that test. But, as it turns out, there is one more test I have to take and an application I have to submit once said test is done. Hopefully I can get it all done this summer so next year I can start subbing and get teaching experience.

  3. Took photos of the Saint John Paul II High School graduation

    A bunch of my players were graduating, and I was trying to apply for a job, so I volunteered to take some candids. Check out some of my favorites:



  4. Played music at a couple of MIAA tourney games:

    The baseball team at SJP just completed their first two games of the MIAA playoffs and I helped out in the press box playing music between innings, walkups and the national anthem. Here are some photos and tweets from the experience:




And now, this week, I am watching the house while my parents are on vacation. I have a little set up in the living room and am trying to get ahead in my schoolwork and back in the habit of posting on here. I’ve done a bunch of writing for school, so I’m going to post some of my opinions on the things I’ve read – which could be cool.

The stuff I’m doing with school as been really interesting to me. I’m taking a literary theory class that’s been so much fun. For my final I’m working on a blending of Deconstruction and Feminist theory in critiquing Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale – which, by the way, is a great book.  I’m getting really interested in deconstruction as the class progresses. Going into the class I considered my self more of a feminist (in literary terms) but now I see my interests shifting. The hallmark of Deconstruction – the innate skepticism and criticism of truth – is really appealing to me. I think I process things that way. I’ll be sure to post a couple of my explications.

The other class, which essentially is a linguistics course, is less interesting to me but I definitely see how helpful it can be. The best part about it, also for my final, is I get to write an essay on Shakespeare’s use of linguistics in his sonnets. I’m looking forward to writing the rough in a couple of days.

Come back in the next couple of days to see some of my opinions!



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