I wanted to talk a little bit more about the Major program I entered into a couple of days ago. When I did my bachelor’s I didn’t pick a concentration program because I wanted to get a broader sense of creative writing – a chance to experience poetry, fiction, screenwriting, and non-fiction. I really enjoyed fiction and even thought about pursuing it at my first choice for a grad school. But when I didn’t get a shot to do Kent, I took awhile to think about what I am the happiest writing. And that’s screenwriting.

I love movies. Last I counted, I had more than 250 dvds and about 50 vhs. That doesn’t even count the digital stuff I have. I know movies. I grew up on movies. And, in many ways, movies are what inspire me to write. Here’s what I wrote about movies in my statement of purpose to SNHU:

Even in my darkest days I can find myself in a movie. So much creativity goes into the process that it is truly the greatest art form of our lives. How can a person not be enamored by movies? Since I was a child I’ve believed in the healing a good film can do for a person’s soul. The catharsis can validate hopes and dreams while conquering fear and apprehension. Some people go to church to gain perspective about life. I go to the movies.

The best part of a movie is the story. Some people love the music, the clothing, makeup, action, editing. I love the story. The people who can captivate an audience with their words are nothing short of magicians. I believe I have the magic in me.

So, over the course of the next week hopefully, I am going to convert Not For Long into a script. It probably works better that way. I’ll post the updated version once I get a draft of what I have converted.

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