I had my first interview for an adult job today. … That makes it sound as if I auditioned for porn. I didn’t audition for porn. I interviewed for a position as a Social Media Coordinator for a local wholesale company. They seemed like a fun group of people. Hopefully I get a second interview.

(I just realized that my idea of an “adult job” is someone who gets paid to play on Facebook, and such, all day. I might be a stereotypical millennial…)

Other than that, nothing else really came out of the day. My transcripts from Bridgewater State University and Central New Mexico Community College haven’t shown up yet so I haven’t been able to add in information to the Kent application. It kind of makes me hate the excess of snow that has been poured down upon my town even more. (Although, the replacement degree from CNM I ordered came in the mail yesterday).

For tonight: I am going to go upstairs and finish season four of Game of Thrones, probably play a game or two of Madden, possibly do a little reading/writing, and maybe even clean (I probably won’t clean).

Here’s a camera dump of the last couple of days:

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And one more from my phone:



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