Sunday is finally the end of the season. The Super Bowl. Thankfully, I still have a team left in the race: the New England Patriots.

With my Pats playing in the Super Bowl, I have spent the week reading, and re-reading, stories about every aspect of the minutia that is Super Bowl week. Like the majority of America, I am cringing with every new #Deflategate article (and admittedly enjoying some of the spoof videos) and counting down the hours until the game actually happens. With that in mind, I have some thoughts about the next 48 hours as it pertains to the Patriots and the Super Bowl:

  1. No one get arrested. No one get arrested. No one get arrested. No one get arrested. No one get arrested. No one get arrested. No one get arrested. No one get arrested. No one get arrested. No one get arrested. No one get arrested. No one get arrested. No one get arrested.
  2.  My favorite thing to come out of the week leading up to the super bowl is, without any doubt, this rendition of Clueless Gamer:
    2. Side note on that, when has Rob Grownkoski ever been that quiet? Yeah, he had his little bit at the end. But for the most part the dude sat there smashing buttons. [Gronk voice] “Gronk Smash”
  3. The best Super Bowl prop bet I’ve seen in a long time is “Will Lynch grab his crotch?” If I had money to bet, I might bet that. Just so I could wish it to happen.
  4. I looked forward to this article from Bill Simmons more than I did Goodell’s State of the NFL address. I now feel much more comfortable going into Sunday.
  5. I really want someone to write an article that compares how many times the word “Scandal” has been used in #deflategate stories versus every NFL-related domestic abuse story during the past five years. I think the number might be close.
  6. When is an acceptable time to pre-order buffalo wings?
  7. The current line(s) for the game has the Patriots winning by around one point (earlier in the week it had the Seahawks favored by two. I hope it’s not that close. I want to believe that the injuries to Earl Thomas and Richard Sherman are being covered up and the Patriots go out there and rout them. … If we think about it hard enough, it might happen.
  8. The Madden Curse must not be broken. People from dark corners of the earth will insure that this remains true. If I have one belief, this is it (Until a Patriot lands on the cover).
  9. I hope the Katy Perry halftime show is at least tolerable.
  10. I was at Pete Carroll’s last game as a Patriot. I, like everyone else, chanted “Carroll sucks” as the Ravens ran up and down the field. If Sunday is karmic retribution for me being  a dick to Pete Carroll when I was a teenager I will be pissed. It can’t be right? … I really can’t end on this thought.
  11. Go Pats!

What do you guys see happening in the Super Bowl? Are you going to watch? Do you have a team in it? Comment and let me know!

What do you think? Do you agree? Do you love it? Or am i a complete tool? Any response is welcome!

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