In my post-drunken Christmas bliss I went upstairs to reassemble my room (I took my PS4 downstairs to watch Guardians of the Galaxy on the family TV). I stopped, for about ten minutes, and looked at the books lined up on the stairs. If I make resolutions again this year, and last year’s did work well, I’d love to read more. After a little while I went back to what I was doing, but the thought keeps coming back to me.

The weird thing about it, however, is that I find myself thinking more about books I’d love to read (if they were ever made). Here are a couple:

  1. “When Jumping Isn’t Enough: The Mario Mario Story”
    1. How does he feel about the dominance of the Sony/Microsoft platforms? Are there a lot of cold, lonely nights in Peach’s castle? There are unanswered questions people.
  2. “Finding Yourself in the Clouds: A FF7 Guide to Grieving, Acceptance and Recovery”
  3. “How to Become the Kingpin: the GTA success series”
    1. Definite multi-book deal potential.
  4. “Gone Girl: Hyrulian Edition”
  5. “Coin Tails: My Life with Sonic”

I’d buy anyone of them first day. In Hard Cover Paperback.


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