I was on Facebook earlier today and saw a notification that I hadn’t posted here in 17 days (I have my facebook sync’d). That’s crazy! Well, that’s what it is like being in season I guess. Speaking of which, we have been doing crazy well this year. We are currently 5-0 and have locked up a share of the league title (for the very first time, too). With two more games left in our regular season, who knows what could happen? Here are some shots that have been sitting on my camera from the team:

Outside of football, which there really hasn’t been much of, is school and the National Honor Society work (which I don’t know if I’ve talked about). About a month ago I was picked to be part of a national honor society and am one stop away from full membership in the organization. It’s been fun getting to learn various leadership opportunities. Check out their page here.

As for school, I am nearing the end of my second to last semester at SNHU and I feel as if I am totally unprepared in relation to my applications for Grad School. I mean, I know what I have to do, It’s just come down to doing it at this point. I think I’ve been procrastinating and using football as a scapegoat for that. I think the bye week will be a good time to get ahead on all of those other little things that I have to get done.

K, enough of me. Who has anything good to read!? Send me links to stuff.


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