Man, I’ve been busy lately. I miss getting on here regularly. Where do I start?

Well, with four classes left to go at Southern New Hampshire University, I have a 3.959 gpa. I’m really proud of that. This term I have a grammar course and a seminar in British Literature. While the grammar course will undoubtedly bore me, I am not as enthused with the British Lit seminar as I thought I would be. The three texts are Frankenstein, Othello and Beowulf. I like Othello and Frankenstein was fine, but I am dreading Beowulf. The first time I found it tedious. Very tedious. Maybe it won’t be as hard this time around, but that doesn’t make me excited to delve into it.

Football has been in full swing for almost 14 days. I still really like coaching. I’m not the best at it and I may not be as fully invested as I was last year, but I find myself unable to pull away from it. I still love it. I coach defensive tackles and running backs and really love working with the students. They’re a good group of guys:


As for this blog, I really want to have better posting habits than I have had lately and last season. What I am going to try to do is write a bunch of little pieces each Sunday and schedule them throughout the week. It could be a very easy way to keep up with content.


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