I moved my AC.

There are two windows in my room/office/tower/sanctuary. There is one right over the entrance to the side door and one right on top of the landing for the living room (my room is on the second floor and the roof for the living room is right outside that window, kind of like a little landing). For the majority of summer I had the AC in the window next to the driveway. I love it there. It services the entire room and it never quite feels overpowering. That changed yesterday.

Yesterday I moved the AC to the other window. The thing that is bugging me about it is the AC is right next to where I write now. All night I’ve sat here, trying to write and all I can think about, feel or see is that damn AC. I’m trying to finish a couple things before the craziness of football really begins next week and the only thing I can focus on is the AC. The fucking AC.

I know, I should just turn it off or move it back (entirely different story) but I can’t. I needed a shift. I needed change. While it may be the smallest possible change I could possibly make, it was change nonetheless. I guess there are positives to it. I was having trouble getting on here and it really settled that whole debacle for me. That’s a plus. I guess I should thank it.

Thanks you AC.

Or not.

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