I haven’t done a photo challenge in a while so I thought I would start to get caught up. Check out my submission for relic. When was the last time you saw a turn table?


We use the auxiliary part to play music during the morning workouts. The damn thing keeps shocking me!

Check out what these people did for the challenge:

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  76. Relics
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  95. Out of Office Reply OnWeekly Photo Challenge: Relic
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  99. ….on pets and prisoners…..weekly photo challenge: relic
  100. “On Dragonfly Wings with Buttercup Tea”Relic – WP Weekly Photo
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  102. Always was a rebel…A rock pile…
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  104. Travel with IntentDisastrous Nose Job
  105. Arresting ImageryWeekly Photo Challenge: Relic
  106. ArtKorppiWeekly Photo Challenge: Relic
  107. PolymathicallyWeekly Photo Challenge: Relic, Or: Malama Keane Remnant
  108. Across the BoredWeekly Photo Challenge: Relic
  109. Missing MeaningsWeekly Photo Challenge: Relic
  110. About-One-ThingRelic of a time gone by: Khajuraho group of monuments.
  111. Ruined for Life: Phoenix EditionWeekly Photo Challenge: Relic
  112. Mon beau manoirPhoto weekly challenge : relic
  113. Jinan Daily PhotoWeekly Photo Challenge: Relic
  114. Curls n Skirlsweekly photo challenge: relic
  115. WordsmithMa Relique – Mes Grands-Parents
  116. Beijing Daily Photo 2Weekly Photo Challenge: Relics
  117. PI Photography and Fine ArtWhat Once Was…Port Mahon Lighthouse
  118. Words & PicsWaiting…
  119. No Fixed PlansWeekly Photo Challenge: Relic
  120. Ali AbbasReviving Relics
  121. Living, Loving, Laughing…A City of Relics
  122. Ouch!! My back hurts!!Relic – WPhotoC
  123. Mary J MelangePhoto Relic
  124. @vannillaRelic
  125. Freddy’s Photo ProjectAdelaide architecture of yesteryear
  126. Les Petits Pas de JulsWeekly Photo Challenge: Relic
  127. Third Person TravelRelic-WP Weekly Photo Challenge
  128. photo roberts blogweekly photo challenge relics
  129. 365 Days of Thank YouEleanor, Daddy, Mommy
  130. Memory CatcherWeekly Photo Challenge: Relic
  131. Ellen GregoryRelic
  132. alien shoresWPC – Relics
  133. Picture the PrettyWeekly Photo Challenge: Relic
  134. Live Laugh RVWeekly Photo Challenge: Relic
  135. thoughts and entanglementsDaily Post weekly photo challenge: Relic
  136. From Hiding to BloggingThe Majesty
  137. @ The West GatePhoto Challenge: Relics of advertisement
  138. Tripping the Light FantasticWPC: Relic
  139. Mama CormierWeekly Photo Challenge – Relic
  140. Ruth E Hendricks PhotographyWeekly Photo Challenge: Relic

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