The following is written for the linked prompt.

If I had the chance to plan a party and could invite anyone I wanted throughout time, here is who I would pick:

  1. William Shakespeare.

    Why? Personal admiration really. I grew up reading his plays, still read his plays and will probably continue to read his plays for the extent of my days on this planet.

    What would I ask him about:If he liked this too?

  2. Natalie Portman.Why? Collegiate crush + her sheer awesomeness.
    What I would ask her to do:An unplugged version of this:

  3. Bill Belicheck.

    Why? Because he is the best football coach of all-time and I would want to bend his ear on every subject ever. Plus he likes Bon Jovi. That could be fun. Imagine doing Karaoke with Bill Belicheck?

  4. Kevin Smith.

    Why? I find that the more I write in my advanced creative writing class, the more I keep citing him to class mates. Suggesting ideas based off of some of the things he has said. I’d love to talk to him about Clerks, Chasing Amy and Dogma.

  5. Woody Allen

    Why? All of the same reasons as Kevin Smith but for different movies, namely Annie Hall and the recent stuff.

  6. Emily Bronte:

    Why? She wrote one of my favorite gothic novels of the 1800s. I’d love to talk with her about it.

  7. F. Scott Fitzgerald

    Why? Because over the past couple of months I find myself coming back to and studying his works more and more: Gatsby, This Side of Paradise, The Ice Palace – I may be a little infatuated with his writing style.

  8. Kristen Wiig

    Why? Because she has written really interesting female characters and that is something I think I have been struggling with lately.

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