I shift between three places in my writing: My room, the living room and the kitchen table. All of them have their positives and negative:

  1.       My room, which I’m writing in now, is isolated from the rest of the house. I can have additional entertainment playing and keep the area at a temperature of my liking. The fallback is all the extra entertainment. It can be hard to keep focus with gaming devices, movies and other electronics near my fingertips.
  2.       The living room, which I wrote in for a long time, is very open and has a nice energy to it. I can see outside and get to experience the sun. The negatives reside in having to sit at the couch. Ever lean over and type for six to eight hours? It hurts. Plus the cat and dog jump all over me.
  3.       The kitchen, which was always my change up from the living room, is stable and organized. It has nice lighting, a good seat and in the line of sight of most rooms in the house (gotta have good flow, right). The bad part of the kitchen is I’m more subject to have people wanting to talk to me when I write there. There is nothing worse than having someone break your rhythm once you get going.

I’m making more of an effort to write in my room this term and it is a bit nicer to have the visual reinforcement of the computer in my room. To see it there I know I have to write. While that hasn’t been an issue for me as much this year (I made a New Year’s resolution to stick to a schedule), procrastination can always creep up on me. So it’s nice to have it in there – even when I take an entertainment interlude.

I find myself writing a lot more verse in my room. Maybe because it’s more of an intimate setting? I’m not really sure. My prose (Fiction/playwriting/screenwriting) came more easily downstairs. It felt more like I had to get things done down there. It kind of became my defacto office which allowed me to make my bedroom a relaxed room. I’ve scheduled a time to write my installment later today (I figure that will make me sit down in my room and get it done) and that works for me.

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What do you think? Do you agree? Do you love it? Or am i a complete tool? Any response is welcome!

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