Oh I have no clue what this would be. Awesome? Is awesome an ice cream flavor? According to this Google search it isn’t. Dibs, dibs, a thousand times dibs.

The question is, what does awesome taste like? Sex? Heaven? Blue Moon’s Mountain Abbey Ale? Hmm.

Let’s figure this out. There has to be some chocolate in there. Consider that the base. I definitely would have some strawberry infusions with a twinge of mint. I think that would be a good flavor combo. There has to be cookie dough in there as well – to give it some heaviness.

Now, how would I serve it? I’ve been thirsty ever since I mentioned the beer so I would definitely pair the ice cream with a full, thick beer. Maybe a chilled bowl? People chill glasses for beer, why not Ice cream? That should be a thing.

I would be upset if I didn’t have if I didn’t have coconut on there somewhere. Maybe blueberries? Do people do that? Blueberries, yeah. Add some blueberries to that bowl. And a cherry, for conformity.

I’m a chocolate sauce/ hot fudge/ caramel type of guy. I would add one of the three (or maybe a strategic pairing) to the concoction. That would work well.

Alright. I’m ending this here. I need to write a letter to Ben and Jerry’s.

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