This was written in response to the following prompt:

Soft drinks, electronics, nutrient-free snacks — you can get all of those from a vending machine. But what type of vending machine is sorely needed but doesn’t yet exist? Share your automated retail fantasies with us!

I was going to
say Pizza but evident-
ly that has happened.

Check out what these people said their ideal vending machine would be:

  1. Under the Monkey TreeVending Emergencies
  2. gut honest faithSimplisti-fyer
  3. tuckedintoacornerVendor of Items
  4. The sounds of my summerEveryone loves bacon
  5. Fictions in FlashesSilver Button (Daily Prompt)
  6. I’m a Writer, Yes I AmLeaving on a Jet Plane
  7. The WordPress C(h)ronicleVending Wishes
  8. JourneymanVending Wishes: Introducing You to Reading While Waiting
  9. Thoughts of a Misfit JunkieFree Hugs Anyone? (Short Response)
  10. The Ambitious DrifterThe Need Machine
  11. The Floral BunnyUgh, I Forgot Something Again!
  12. Keyboard PizzaVending Wishes – Emote-o-Vend!
  13. TFGSC – Day 26Hugs
  14. A Little FluffMy Vending Machine
  15. Prairie ViewsVend A Seed
  16. ronovanwritesPANTS!
  17. Rolbos ©Dear John and the White Road
  18. Sye Random Talks[Daily Prompt] Vending Wishes
  19. Dirt RoadA Vending Machine of Advice
  20. tnkerr-Writing Prompts and PracticeVending Wishes
  21. Pippakin Talks Cats, Dogs, Teeth and Claws
  22. All Things Cute and BeautifulBeing Fruity!
  23. dx0330’s BlogVending Wishes
  24. Standing Ovation, SeatedArt is next to snacks on ground floor
  25. Because I’m a Story VampireVending Machine Jealousies
  26. wandering story tellerVending Happiness 🙂
  27. risingrave28Ok, uhmmm, I want to buy…
  28. psychologistmimiThe psychology of an “easy button” vending machine in the workplace
  29. Flowers and BreezesA Soup Machine
  30. asterretha d.white wishes&golden fortune
  31. God, School and NatureBacon vending machine: Daily Post
  32. asterretha d.white wishes, golden fortune
  33. A+ CafeInsta-Sanity
  34. Barryjack’s PlaceInspirational “Vending”
  35. The happy Quitter!Sushi anybody?
  36. BLUE BEAD PUBLICATIONSLove for a Quarter
  37. Love Happy Notes – Daily Fun and InspirationThe Wild Ones
  38. A Penny For Her Thoughts
  39. hooray4raeSugar Magnolia
  40. Chronicles of an Anglo SwissVending Wishes – a new body?
  41. The Wandering PoetDaily prompt – Vending machine dreams (Dang that sounded wrong lol)
  42. flippyzipflopVending Wishes
  43. Finale to an EntranceInsto-Repellant
  44. Wright Outta NowhereThe Snackmandu Vending Company
  45. A lot from LydiaVending Perceptions
  46. Beats of PiecesMy Ultimate Vending Wish
  47. SayleenLike a genie lamp
  48. thinking out loudInsert coins here
  49. K.Vending Wishes

What do you think? Do you agree? Do you love it? Or am i a complete tool? Any response is welcome!

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