I’ve been thinking for a couple of days about what I could do for this one. I did a little picture walk around my neighborhood, had the camera out during trips in the car and couldn’t find one shot that I really liked.

I’ve been at my computer for a couple of hours now, just screwing around – kinda sorta writing, when I looked up and stared at a hole through the AC. About now the sun is coming up and the sky is getting lighter. But since I put the AC in the window earlier this week, my room isn’t totally as light-filled as it usually is about now. So I took a picture of the space between the ac and the wall.  I like this shot: it’s not overtly dynamic, but when you have context it reflects a change in seasons, in situations, in view points.

DSC08268I probably should have waited about an hour or so to get the actual sun to peek through, but screw it. I’m impatient.

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