Team USA is playing today in the soccer World Cup in Brazil. Do you have any funny/harrowing/interesting memories from a sporting event you attended, participated in, or watched?


I think the best way for me to do this prompt is to give you my ten most interesting memories of sporting events I’ve participated in:

  1. Walking two miles in snow to get to a New England Patriots game. The stadium had been hit with a blizzard the night before and the stadium crews couldn’t get all of the parking next to the stadium available in time. My dad and I found a business right off the highway and trekked to the stadium. I practically ran there. The funny part though, is when I got there. I realized my dad had my ticket! The game itself was actually a pretty memorable Patriots game. It was the game where Tedy Bruschi picked off a pass and ran it back causing everyone in the stadium to throw snow in the air simultaneously. We were walking in just as it happened.

    (This isn’t that play, but it’s from the same game)
  2. My first Red Sox game: My first Sox game came in 2002 (I think). We got there late because we couldn’t figure out the roads around Boston. All I remember is driving around and around trying to figure out the way in. Wakefield pitched against the oriels. He lost, I think. My biggest takeaway was being in the stadium when Sweet Caroline came on. There’s no other feeling quite like that.
    Boston Strong
  3. (This next one is a little graphic, just an fyi) My dad and I got tickets to a divisional round playoff game against the Titans (I think it was the year of the Patriot’s second Super Bowl). The game was incredibly cold – I believe the wind chill was in the negatives at some point. And while trying to stay warm in the nose bleeds was something I vividly remember, the big bullet point came from after the game. We were sitting in the car, waiting to get out of the stadium, when a woman in the car in front of us gets out of her car, takes her pants off and changes her tampon. It still ranks as one of the weirdest sequences of events I’ve ever seen at (or around) a sporting event).
  4. (also a teeny bit graphic) When I was with the University of New Mexico we played a game at the University of Texas El-Paso. I think it is always going to have a place in my head because it was my first away game. Aside from the first game significance, we also crept over the border and drank in Juarez for a good portion of the night. That weekend had my first away game and my first donkey show. Bunch of firsts.
  5. One more from UNM Football: We played a game at the University of Arizona and the whole experience was pretty dope. The hotel was amazing and the stadium was insane. I remember it being a rain storm for the majority of the game. Interesting full circle note: In 2007 a young Rob Gronkowski was a freshman at the University of Arizona.
  6. Something I will always remember is the first game I covered at the Albuquerque Isotopes when I was with the Central New Mexico Community College newspaper. The Isotopes are a AAA affiliate in Albuquerque and that was my first taste of what being a sports reporter was like. The view from the press box was one of my favorite things in all of Albuquerque.
  7. This kind of falls under the same scope as #6 but when I covered my first game at The Pit (UNM’s basketball arena) I had a lot of the same feelings. Coming out from the tunnel and walking around the court pre-game was one of the coolest experiences I’ve ever had.
  8. Ty Law’s three interception game against Manning in the AFC Championship game. I was there. And it was awesome.
  9. Being from Massachusetts from 2001 to 2012/2013. Everyone won a championship. That never happens anywhere. Any where. I just hope the rest of my teams are not doomed to suck for the rest of my life.
  10. My first win as an assistant coach last season. Workouts for the high school team I work with start next week and I am reminiscing a bit about last year. I prepped my ass off going into that game and we handled our opponent. That was a really cool feeling.

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