Written for the linked prompt.


Dear Friend:




Love her, lover, never want to lose her,

Lover, Love her, never want to use her,
If I was a better man, she’d be mine,
If I was that man, I would keep trying.




Tomorrow comes and tomorrow fades and
all of these damned days can’t be replayed –

But I pour the whiskey in that cold glass
and watch the time tell stories of coming
in last and lie awake, resigned to my
fate of being without her, without my life,
My love – the one thing that I ever real-
ly wanted, and cry. Die. Cry.



My friend, how do I make this end? Can I?

I need her memory to die, to fly a-

Way from my willowing world and allow
my stock to reach the sun once more.


Please, give wisdom to this soul in torment.




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