I made mention of this a couple of days ago, but for my advanced creative writing class we have to do a 15-20 page creative writing piece AND I will probably use said piece as my portfolio submission when I apply to the University of Kent. I think I’ve figured out what I want to do.

The basic idea is it’ll be a story about a couple who just moved apart and agreed to write letters as their means of communication while they are not together. I think it could be cool to look at them and their lives, in alternating chapters, and have them slowly grow apart. My thinking is it would be sort of “Her” meets Abelard and Heloise meets something sociable. It could be cool to have them read the letters in a variety of settings like with and without friends, public and in private. It would be interesting to look at how emotion can be impacted by setting.

Well, that’s the basic premise so far. I have some names that I’m playing around with. I really like the title “Letters to Serah”. I’ll post a bit when I have somethings down on paper.


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