I typically have a good posting routine on here. At the very least I do the daily post prompts from WordPress as a means to keep developing content. One of my goals for the year was to be consistent in my posting on here. I wanted (and still want) to develop a routine as a writer that would translate well into some sort of professional venue. But, for the past couple of days, that has been very hard for me to do. I’ve barely posted. And here is why:

I like to post the essays I write for school on here. I’ve been doing it ever since I moved home, enrolled at Bridgewater State University – and transferred into Southern New Hampshire University. I feel as if posting the essays I write for school on here adds an interesting quality to my blog. It shows my skills as an academic writer and gives me another space (and way more people) to evaluate my work. We spend so much time and effort on these various assignments that it feels horrible to see them sit in my documents folder after they have served their usage. In a degree path that requires already produced content to get jobs, having some of my past papers on here adds to my portfolio of work.

Southern New Hampshire University disagrees.

I was contacted by a teacher (whose class I may or may not be currently in)  about work I posted in a class and then posted on my blog. When I declined to subside my posting routine, citing copyright and intellectual property laws, said teacher contacted the dean of my school who relayed a message to me through my adviser. Their (the school’s) reasoning for wanting me to stop comes down to the fact that posting my responses to course materials gives students an increased opportunity to lift my work for their usage.

Before I continue I just want to say I’m going to play ball with whatever they want. And that pains me. The old Nick would have gotten on his moral authority high horse and screamed about the college’s policy. I would have contacted every student-run publication and given them interviews, pointed to policy and essentially done everything for them except write their by-line. I believe the college’s policy (and justification) is wrong. But I can’t be that guy anymore. I can’t be the martyr. I’m 27. I live with my parents. I am so close to this degree and it holds my future in it. It will allow me to be an actual adult. It will allow me to pursue the types of opportunities I have been very clear about pursuing. I can’t fuck that up.

But, like I said. I believe their policy is wrong and harms their creative writing students. To dissuade from posting what I was posting and give the justification that “students will be likely to lift it” assumes that, if given the chance, all students will cheat. And that’s wrong. That’s a character assault on the 32,000 and growing online students they have. When I was contacted by the teacher in question the subject line was the title of the latest thing I had written and I could not help but feel as if my post was searched for using that phrase under suspicions of cheating. The school markets themselves as a second chance, an opportunity unlike any other for the students to be valued. I think this goes against the way they like to portray themselves.

To be clear, I love SNHU. Part of why I think I have felt so uneasy this past week is because I would love to argue this point to progress the school to a place that will help their arts students. That’s the vigilant martyr/journalist that I mentioned earlier. But I’m so close to graduating and have come so far. My GPA is sky-high (3.918) and I feel as if I embark down that road less taken it could mess everything up. So I’m not going to. I’m going to play ball and “get mine”. I will cease posting those essays and probably even remove  the various school related essays I have written from my site. And the old me hates me for that.

I needed to get this on here because I feel it has been a weight on my shoulders in relation to my posting. I’ve tried to get on here and do other things but have been unable because I keep coming back to this subject. Hopefully I’ll be able to get on here more now. I cannot wait for this term to be over.


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