I roll my eyes and laugh at people who use the phrase writer’s block. The first words to those people are typical “Shut up and write,” or “Sit down and write.” The thing I’ve found myself going through in the past couple of days is I don’t want to write.

For awhile the weather on Cape was consistently in the 70’s/80’s and I felt as if I was in a decent groove writing wise. I was productive and even working on projects I had been procrastinating on. One week and one cold front later and it’s 50 degrees and I don’t want to do anything other than curl up in my blankets. watch netflix and play clash of clans.

I hate big temperature shifts so much because this happens every time. I have two and a half papers left and it so freaking tasking at the moment. I hate writing. This was a stupid career choice. Urgh, Uaaahhhhggghghh uurrgh.

Ahhh. I needed that. I’ll hopefully write something for this later.

One Comment on “Temperature shifts and motivation

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