Written for the 5/23 “Game of Groans” prompt:

Oh Kale:
I love your non-descriptive flavor;
The way any woman under the age of 30
must devote half of their refrigerator to you
and the fact that
anywhere I go
your green and purple leaves
are popping up on the menu.
I’m excited for the day when I can put you
on my sandwich at Subway
or my pizza at Dominos. I
yearn to speak of you at length to
girl grocers who swear
“you totally saved their life.”
Oh Kale, how did I ever exist without you in my life?
My sweet kale, kale, kale Kaley Cuoco (wait – what?) kale kale.
Without fail,

– A man who loves Kale.

10 Comment on “A quick ode to Kale

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