Single spoon side sleeping and free-falling
into empty feelings of disillu-
sioned day dreamed dalliances and passions.
Put the pillow to my chest, close my eyes
and pray for the rest of those far away
days when we will gaze with amazement at
the sheer sound of a simple whisper said
during night time nuptials while nestled
into napes of necks and entangled legs.
Count the seconds until I fall asleep
and these thoughts continue to creep deep
Into my tormented psyche. Can I
be free and not yearn nor crave nor thrive for
one to show me what it means to be a-
live? It can happen. But it won’t tonight.
If those are the last words I think, it would
push me to the brink of a thought of being alone –
but I’ll always have a phone. Maybe this
is getting a bit too deep, these thoughts that
cross my mind as I prepare to sleep. Some
nights I can’t shut off my head and they
take residence in my head before bed.

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