I think I’m changing. I really do. Earlier today I spent 30 minutes composing a email (of which I didn’t send) to a teacher for giving me an 85 on an assignment. An 85. There were times when I was at the University of New Mexico when I would have bribed state senators for the opportunity to change my grade to an 85. But now I quiver with rage at the prospect of my sky high gpa falling back down to earth.

The times are a-changing.

Once more, for effect:

Other than that, today has been pretty dull. I wrote some things for my classes, writhed in discomfort and balked at the ever increasing temperature of Cape Cod. I hate that it is getting hot. It seemingly has gone from 40 to 80 overnight and I wish we could stay in the sixties for another month. Just one more month. That’s not to much to ask.

Nonetheless I have had trouble working on my personal projects and will spend the entirety of tomorrow doing so. I just wanted to stop in, say hi, and inform everyone of my increasing standards for grades.


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