The amount of times I have thought of this prompt is very high:

In your imaginary award acceptance speech (yes, we know you have one), who’s the very last — and most important — person you thank?

So, who would I thank?


Just kidding. I’m not a cliche.

The answer to the question is rather complex because that last person spot has changed throughout time and I envision it potentially changing in the future. Right now, I’d thank my parents. They’ve taken me and in and provided me with the opportunity to finish my bachelor’s degree. Four years ago I would have said my roommates because they were always there for me. In the future I would love to be able to thank a wife. You know, love, respect, companionship – all of that stuff. Kids would be cool to thank. Then grandkids. … Then death. Woah. Kind of wrote myself into something there.

I think the point of it is that the whole awards thing is a fluid situation and really dependent on who is playing a big part in my life at any given time.




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