Yesterday I passed out at 1:00 p.m. (which sucks because I had things I wanted to do that afternoon) and woke up sometime around 9:00 p.m. (which is about right, I had been up the 18 hours prior to that). The weird thing about it is I had a pretty substantial dream – that I still have bits and pieces of in my head.

It started with me, my mom and my dad in the big room watching the end of The Voice. When the show ended all of us got up and were about to go to our separate parts of the house. But, as we were just about to do that, some guy drives his truck into our back yard does a couple of circles around the one big tree and gets out. He makes his way to our back porch door and we let him in for some reason. There’s a dialogue, which I can’t remember, and he pulls out a gun and starts to act a little frantically. Somehow I talk him down,  get the gun out of his hands and someone calls the cops.

But the cops don’t come.

Two of his buddies come but see that I have a gun on the first dude so they don’t try anything. There’s more dialogue (and I start getting really aggressive -in a sadistic way – to the first dude), still no cops, and two government agents that come through the front door (we moved to the front room at some point). There’s more talking and then, suddenly, everyone leaves. The agents take the three men away, my parents go to bed (although it is now light out) and I am left standing in the kitchen with the gun.

So that’s in my head. I can piece together little bits of why things happened. A portion of our fencing is down so maybe that is why I dreamed about people coming through. I fell asleep watching The West Wing so that could explain the agents coming instead of the cops. But nothing really explains the gun and why I became more sadistic as I held it. Maybe it’s something about power. Maybe I’m slowly converting to the dark side (you know it to be true). But it’s still an uncertainty. Anyways, that was in my head and I had to get it out.


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