The Prompt:

We all have something to share, and we all have more to learn. This week, teach us something — or share something you’ve been taught with the class.

This prompt is interesting to me because the one thing I really do well is a shared talent among bloggers. I write well and you do too. So I have to find something else to try to teach you in this writing challenge. I’m not exactly sure what that is though.

I know a lot about football. I can teach you how to attack a 4-3 defense (in theory). But that wouldn’t be that fun because I don’t think a lot of sports bloggers really participate in these challenges.

Maybe I can open the pages to one of my romantic British texts from the early 1800’s and we can do a poetry analysis. But I always do that. I’m always posting or re-posting some analysis I did for a class or personal reference.

I could probably sit here and list the various interests I have, but none of them are really that interesting. The subject that can make this post unique, I think, is second chances. I’ve had a bunch of second chances and may even be qualified to speak on them. Let’s look at my collegiate history:

  • I grew up in Massachusetts and graduated high school in 2005. I went to school at the University of New Mexico after high school and I loved it there. I worked on the football team and met so many different and cool people. Unfortunately my grades were never consistent at UNM and I was kicked out of there (for the last time) at the very end of 2008. My story gets a bit more interesting at that point (to me at least). I toiled away at a community college for a semester but then found an internship opportunity with Walt Disney World in Florida. So off I moved to the Kissimee/Orlando area.
  • I credit that internship as giving me a little clarity as to what I want from life and how hard I will have to work to get it. It sounds cliche, but I like to say I had a defining moment there. I finally understood I wanted to be a writer.
  • When I got back to Albuquerque I got a job on the community college newspaper as a reporter (I would later become EIC) and by the end of 2011 had my associates in Liberal Arts. Unfortunately UNM denied my re-admittance so I was forced with a choice: move to a different part of the state to continue my education career or just start working.
  • Luckily for me my parents came in with an offer I couldn’t pass up: If I moved back to Massachusetts they would cover my rent and food so long as I was in school. So that’s what I did. After seven years in the desert the prodigal son moved back to Cape Cod and enrolled in Bridgewater State University at the end of 2012.
  • I liked BSU. It was a great campus. The only issue I had is was it was a 1.5 hour drive to school. That was so taxing. If I had a 10:00 a.m. class I would have to wake up three hours in advance of it just so I could get there in time. My first couple of semesters there were great, but by last fall I just was sick of it. I moved back to MA to spend time with my family and the only constant was the time I spent in my car.
  • Insert Southern New Hampshire University. I’ve been with the school since January and I have loved it. My grades have spiked: I had a 3.85 at the end of my first term and have high A’s in both of my term 4 classes right now. This has been a great choice for me and I am actively excited for graduating in December and possibly grad school after that.

I’ve been through the ringer, not only in my academic career but in my emotional life. Through my travels I’ve learned there are a couple if really important things you need to do to get a second chance or find a new opportunity. Here’s what they are:

  1. Be honest with yourself:

    I think so much of my failure at the University of New Mexico is because I had no clue what I wanted. For a long time I was in a major that I hated and it drained on me. If you are unhappy in something or with someone, be honest about it. I think honesty is the first step to acceptance and the path to something new.

  2. Try a lot of different things:

    Part of why my Disney internship was so important to me was because it allowed me the opportunity to experience life – to try things. There is no moment in your life where you will get an infusion of divine purpose. You have to go experience your truth before you will know the path you want to pursue.

  3. Work hard:

    Once you know what you want, be resilient. Be vicious. Constantly strive to get to that place. You have to do a lot of the #1 and #2 while doing this one. But, to use a shitty metaphor, the road does end. You do get to your goal. Four years ago I would have never have thought I would be this close to my bachelor’s degree (I get it in December). If you keep striving and you have a goal, you will get to your second chance.

  4.  Treat people right:

    A shocker, right? Network to get more chances. Maybe I’m being idealistic but had I not developed close relationships with specific people, I don’t know where I would be right now. Take time out of your day to support those people and they will do the same for you.

  5. Go with the wind:

    In my life I have lived in three different states five times and have gotten to see different parts of the country through business chances. The odds that you are right where you are supposed to be are low. Be open to experience and more experiences will be open to you.




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