I need to do some damn writing. I took Monday off and have felt unproductive ever sense. To clarify, when I say. “took Monday off” I mean I went upstairs intending to write, played a video game for seven hours and then watched reruns of The West Wing for the following three. I need to do something that will force me to use my head.

I don’t think this response to Tuesday’s Daily Prompt  will be anything substantial (which is a ringing endorsement for you to keep reading) but it will help me restart my creative drives. So, let’s figure out what this prompt is:

 What is the one word or phrase that immediately cheers you up when you hear it?

Do people really react that way to words or phrases? I perk up when people offer me a soda or a slice of pizza but without the soda or the pizza being there I won’t have the same reaction as if it was there. When I first read this prompt it made me think they were asserting society reacts to certain phrases as if they are under hypnosis. But maybe it is more about words or phrases that link to a happy memory. Like, whenever anyone says anything relating to Disney I typically connote my internship. So maybe it’s more about that.

What words or phrases do you relate to?


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